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How we work with you

Partnerships with Parents & Carers

Partnerships with parents is a key feature of TLG’s commitment to providing all-round support for your child.  We greatly value your support and welcome any questions or comments.

 While your child is at TLG, staff there will contact parents or carers frequently with updates on progress and behaviour.  Open, two-way communication is encouraged and parents or carers can contact TLG staff at any time.  Each half-term, parents and carers receive a progress report and are invited to attend a review where further discussion takes place and plans are made for the next steps.  At the end of a placement a final review takes place and parents and carers are invited to attend an Awards Presentation.

Family Support

As well as working with your child in school, we are keen to offer support to the parents, carers and families of our pupils wherever we can.  At the referral interview we will invite you to connect with our Family Support Volunteers and discuss how they might work with you.  We regularly hold events for family members and you are very welcome to join us  - in the past, these have included pamper evenings for mums and daughters, lads and dads games nights and residential weekends away for the whole family.

Ask staff for details.

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